About us

The Axton Group is a privately-held investment management firm with a primary focus on value add and opportunistic real estate and real estate related assets in the U.S.

What We Do

We invest opportunistically across asset types, geographies and the capital structure as the company’s perception of the risk/return dynamic shifts.

We seek investments in direct real estate and real estate related operating companies and have shaped our investment thesis with the understanding that real estate is subject to cycles, both in terms of its underlying supply and demand fundamentals and its pricing relative to other asset classes.

The Fund’s management team has extensive sourcing capabilities through its proprietary network.

We evaluate opportunities focusing on current cash flow and capital appreciation with a focus on capital preservation.

  • 01
    Identify opportunities that create and maximize value while minimizing risk
  • 02
    Execute a focused management program which aggressively seeks to redevelop or reposition sub-performing and under-capitalized assets
  • 03
    Continually evaluate exit strategies throughout the investment period

Our Focus

Axton is focused on acquiring value add, distressed, or other assets in which a structural dislocation exists. Assets subject to operational inefficiencies, capital deprivation, or other shortfalls due to mismanagement or property-level issues are our focus.

Axton will pursue fundamentally strong assets that are:

  • Underperforming and available at a disproportionate discount to replacement cost.
  • Suitable for rehabilitation, repositioning or redevelopment in markets where there is a large differential in in-place and market rents.
  • Priced below replacement cost in markets with strong fundamentals, such as limited supply, growing demand with strong demographics and stable economic development engines (e.g. airports, seaports, government facilities, military installations and significant private and institutional operations).
  • Priced well below fair market value from motivated/forced sellers that are over-leveraged and require recapitalization.
  • Performing assets that have significant excess development capacity.

Investment Structuring:

  • Equity, preferred equity, and debt investments.