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Custom Reporting for Mail Order Manager: R&R Report Writer

To go directly to more information about our new Learn R&R Report Writer training program on 4 CD-ROMs, click here. To see the list of 200+ MOM-R&R reports that you can purchase for $25 apiece, click here.

Also, for those of you looking to purchase the Bar Code 39 font for easy bar coding with R&R Report Writer, click here to purchase it directly from the producer, IDAutomation. As of this writing, the cost for a single-user license is $139.00.

  • Click here to go directly to our online store, which lists over 200 unique pre-programmed R&R - MOM reports, available for $25 apiece. Our CD-ROM of all 250 reports is priced at $1000, and can be purchased in the store.
  • Click here to go to the section of our online store that lists all of our available R&R book and software resources for MOM users.
  • Click here to download our R&R 5-pack freebie (as the name implies, it's free, and gives you five free reports for use with Mail Order Manager)

Is R&R Report Writer part of MOM?

No, R&R Report Writer is a separate program that was originally produced by Concentric Data Systems and is now distributed through Liveware Publishing.

Do I have to use R&R Report Writer to get report data from MOM?

No. MOM has standard reports for inventory, accounting, tax, and profit analysis, among others. But those who need reports tailored to their particular requirements must use a report generator such as R&R, Crystal Reports, and other similar programs. Or we can write you custom reporting programs in Visual FoxPro that provide some reports that R&R cannot.

Is R&R easy to use? What skills are required to program custom reports for MOM using R&R?

Using R&R and programming in R&R are two different things. Programming custom reports in Report Writer requires a basic understanding of:

  • How to program using report writing programs in general (e.g., table relationships, indices, queries, sorting mechanisms, and layout)
  • The program specifics for R&R Report Writer
  • The data tables in MOM and how their fields populate as orders proceed through various processing stages (for this, it's extremely useful to have our Profound, Penetrating, & Powerful Book of MOM Data)

R&R Report Writer is easy to use once the report is programmed to your specifications. But learning to program in this report writing language does take a bit of patience. Those who are interested in learning how to do so should check out our handy Learn R&R Report Writer course.

However, because R&R is essentially a programming language, MOM users who are accustomed to MOM's friendly, logical interface often are startled to discover the effort required to program in R&R. So they are usually happy to find that we've already done the work for them. You can choose from our selection of unique reports pre-programmed for MOM users, or fax us with the specification of any new report you need, and we'll create one from scratch just for you.

How can I get custom reports created in R&R for my company?

  • Get us to customize one or more of our MOM templates: $25 for the report template, $100/hour for customization
    1. Go through the samples of the R&R report templates available from Axton Enterprises.
    2. When you find one that is very similar to what you need, select that report as your template. Email us at ross (at) to let us know you would like to purchase it, and we will contact you immediately to make arrangements. Be sure to include your name and address, phone and fax number, e-mail account information, as well as information about what you are ordering and the version of R&R you have at your company. (R&R 7.0 users should indicate that they want reports in 6.5 format.)
    3. Print the sample report and mark that up to help clarify for us what you want the report to look like. Perhaps you want to add or delete a field. Perhaps you want to add a company logo, sort the report differently, or use a different font. Be specific on both the Template Customization Request form and on the template sample.

  • Design a new report: $100/hour for customization

    1. In Excel, or Word, provide some columns with dummy data so we can see what you'd like to have created.
    2. Email us at ross (at)

How can I see report samples? Can I get any reports for free?

To download our 5-Pack Freebie, click here to fill out the form to receive it. To see the reports available in 13 different categories, click here.

What are Input Engines?

Input engines are special little programs that give you the opportunity to enter data specifics for your report. To change the date range for, say, a sales report, you could change the query in the report template...or we can provide you with an Input Engine for the report. When this file (it has the same name as the report, except it has an RRS extension instead of a RRW extension) is run instead of the template, a little dialog box pops up that lets you input the date range for the report. This takes less time than changing the query, plus it lets less experienced computer users run the report more easily. Input engines are $25/report, and must be requested from us directly.

I have the DOS version of MOM. Will these reports work for me?

Not directly. The DOS version of MOM relies on a different kind of table/index than the Windows version. But we can alter any of these reports to read the DOS kind of tables; you would just need to pay the customization fee.

Does Axton Enterprises provide on-site MOM-R&R Training?

No longer, except under special circumstances.


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