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The Profound, Penetrating, & Powerful
Book of MOM DATA for MOM 4.0


Welcome to the Profound, Penetrating, and Powerful Book of MOM Data 4.0, the sequel to the Gigantic, Thorough, Lucid, & Exciting Book of MOM Data 3.14.

Here is what some real MOM users* had to say about the previous book:

  • This book is like a box of chocolates . Ron Mancini, Mother Myrick's Confectionery, Manchester Center, Vermont

  • Go ahead...make my data. . Shawne Kleckner, The Right Stuf

  • I just want to say one word to you...just one word...append . Larry Selman to Marti Selman,

  • Show me the DATA! . Wayne Stephenson, Comfort Trac (

  • Before this book, I didn't know nuthin' bout manipulatin' no data! . Jessica Hammond, Wedding Gown Preservation Company

  • "You want answers?" "I want the DATA!" "You can't HANDLE the data!" . Elizabeth Kellogg and Cathy Daughtridge, Marietta, GA

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! . Chrissy Caggiano, Independent Living Aids

As the title of the book indicates, we've made profound improvements to this version of our MOM data book. We've added details of about 18 new MOM tables, and we've...ok, ok, let's dispense with this we's enough that the book is Profound, Penetrating, and doesn't have to be pretentious, too! I wrote the book, I don't have to pretend there is more than one of me here. I have also eliminated the graphical representations of individual tables (which users told me were not particularly valuable) in favor of an improved table relationship layout at the beginning of the book (color-coded for your viewing pleasure).

Who uses this book and why?

Let's face it. The comments above notwithstanding, this book is boring. A real snoozer. That's just the nature of computer data books, I'm afraid. If you want insightful analysis, pick up the Wall Street Journal. If you're looking for thoughtful commentary, read E.D. Hirsch. In the mood for spray-beer-through-your nose slapstick? Go find a Dave Barry column. In short, if you want something interesting, this book is not for you. Put it down and back away slowly.

But if you're manipulating data using MOM's DBUWIN program or a different utility, then you've come to the right place. If you're writing MOM reports with R&R Report Writer or Crystal Reports, or if you're importing the tables into Access for independent analysis, you now have what you need. If you're a web developer or independent software provider who is writing programs that use and interface with the MOM data, then keep this book handy. If you want the basic tools to use DBUWIN and the knowledge to implement them, then you're in luck. Now is the time for the Chair Dance of Computer-Geek Joy.

What this book does NOT tell you

  • How to program in R&R Report Writer (That's a serious skill that requires at least two days of intense instruction. please call 585-425-8066 for information about my classes)

  • Why the NEW table is called NEW rather than something like COMPOS

  • What CMS stands for (just assume it stands for Classified MOM Stuff)

    How the book works

    This book provides the following information for each of 55 MOM tables:

    • Type of field (C=Character, N=Numeric, D=Date, L=Logical, T=Date/Time and M=Memo)

    • Width of field (how many characters are available)

    • Function of the field (in detail, often with smart-ass remarks)

    • Related tables to which the field provides a link

    When you want to know where to find a particular kind of information in the MOM tables, the first place you should go is the index. I. ve done my best to cross-reference it thoroughly so you should have no trouble finding what you. re looking for no matter what words you use. The index will point you to the table and field where you. ll find the information; the tables are in alphabetical order.

    And if you're not yet skilled at using DBUWIN, turn to the appendix for detailed instructions. You'll find information about both simple and basic functions.

    Aren't there more than 55 tables in MOM?

    Sure, there are more than 55 tables. But we chose to dissect the tables that in our experience MOM users are most likely to need to understand. Many of those extra tables are temporary tables that store information for a very short amount of time when MOM procedures are running, and the likelihood of your requiring them for some extra-MOM use is very small. The book provides information on both static tables (those that get added to or changed very infrequently or never, like "PAYTYPES") and dynamic tables (those that get added to or changed constantly, like "ITEMS") that you are likely to require for reports or data manipulation.

    One more thing (a.k.a. "covering my bottom")

    This book provides information exclusively for the Windows version of MOM (4.0) that is in use as of summer 2001. Updates of MOM sometimes (though rarely) add fields or change the functionality of fields within tables. It's impossible to anticipate how changes to MOM will affect the precision of the data in this book, so while I firmly believe that you. ll find this guide useful, please keep in mind that some things may change in future releases of MOM.

    If you're a keyboard-happy person who doesn't read directions carefully, stay away from DBUWIN. Using DBUWIN or another interface to the data tables makes it easy to change or delete data.too easy, in some cases. So here's the deal: I can tell you what's in those tables, but if you decide to muck around in them, you're on your own. Capice?

    One last thing: Thanks, thanks, and more thanks

    I love working in this industry. The owners, managers, and workers of small- to medium-sized mail order businesses really are a breed unto themselves: They. re self-reliant, engaged, enthusiastic thinkers who are great at creating value in the marketplace, and usually are as attentive to creating value in the workplace. (Most of them even pay their consulting bills on time!) As such, they. re wonderful to work with; when we assist our clients, we acquire a kind of personal stake in their businesses that you might not expect from mere consultants.

    So I want to thank my loyal base of clients who have been so supportive all through the years. You know who you are. This book is, quite literally, for you.

    Debra Ross
    President of Axton Enterprises
    Fairport, NY
    January, 2002


    *These are real MOM Data Book readers, although their comments ran headlong into my poetic license.

    Ok, ok, if you're not going to buy the book but still want to tell me what the movies are because you're feeling smart, send email to You won't be in the drawing, but I'll still give you recognition on the congrats page.



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