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Data Conversion

Customers switching to MOM from a different order-tracking system can decide to convert their old data into MOM format based on two different levels:

  1. Summary or static information only: Customer names and summary information about them (# of orders, gross $, date of entry, date of last activity, etc.); source codes; stock items, etc.
  2. Order history

We at Axton Enterprises can help you decide which type of conversion you want, and make a game plan with you to get it implemented. The first type of conversion is much easier, and dramatically less costly and time-consuming, than the second. But we can help you out with both types.

Type 1) conversion only: Usually, the package you've been using will have an export function to export customer information, stock information, etc. We can then take that file (usually you're able to export it in comma-delimited or fixed-width text format, or dbase, or Excel, or the like) and convert it into a format that can be imported into MOM. If you have over 60 or so stock items, it's usually worthwhile to try to convert the information rather than put it manually into MOM, especially if you have several different pricing options and suppliers.

Type 2) conversion, order history: In order to import order history, there are three main steps. Ideally, you'd want to do all of this before starting to enter new orders or customers.

  1. Get the information from your old system converted into the MOM Import structure (we can help you with this; this is easy or difficult depending on the format in which your data is currently stored)
  2. Once you have the information perfectly into the import format, including good calculations for Paid fields, import the orders. This can take up to three seconds per order, depending on how many orders you have
  3. Process the imported orders in a reasonable manner (we can give you good advice).

The best way to figure out what you want to do about data conversion is give us a call at 585-425-8066 or email us at


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