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Custom Programming

Although the MOM itself cannot be altered by anyone other than Dydacomp, it's certainly possible to write custom programs to do interesting things with your data: Either using the data in an external program or report, or updating the data in the tables directly without going through MOM's user interface.

We do some of the custom programming ourselves, and sometimes we work with talented, trusted, subcontractors who are expert in MOM and MOM data.

Custom Export packages are one of our biggest requests. Often, our clients are mail-order divisions of larger firms that require a mainframe upload of sales and inventory transactions; our custom program lets them export the data from MOM exactly in the way it needs to be formatted for another software package.

Sometimes, our clients's web sites can export order information only in a certain format; we have written many translation programs to take that data and transform it into the MOM Import structure, so that those orders can be imported from the web instead of typed manually.

We create custom label-writing programs, shipping information updaters, bar-coded labels, and many other data-management packages that store information in other tables that are linked with MOM. We also write programs that update customer information or demographics sections of MOM.

Please send email to to describe custom programming you'd like to discuss with us.


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