The Axton Group is a privately-held investment management firm with a primary focus on value add and opportunistic real estate investments in the U.S. We invest opportunistically across asset types, geographies and positions in the capital structure as the company’s perception of the risk / return dynamic shifts.

We seek investments in direct real estate and real estate related operating companies and have shaped our investment thesis with the understanding that real estate is subject to cycles, both in terms of its underlying supply and demand fundamentals and its pricing relative to other asset classes.

Our investment approach focuses on leveraging long standing relationships, experience and discipline, to (i.) identify opportunities that create and maximize value while minimizing risk, (ii.) execute a focused management program which aggressively seeks to redevelop or reposition under-managed and under-capitalized assets, and (iii.) continually evaluate exit strategies throughout the investment period.

For further information:
235 Pine Street, Suite 1225, San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 840-8500 | info@axton.com