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Mail Order Manager Classes

Next Classes: Whenever you want. These classes used to be held twice per year here in the Rochester area for large groups, but we're finding it more fun to charge the same amount, but make them smaller and individualized. You get an even better value for your money! We can accommodate up to three people from your company here in our home office, so if you're interested in taking MOM further but want to be economical about it, email us and we can find some mutually agreeable time.

Advanced MOM: $1000/first person, $500/each additional participant from the same company

Axton's Advanced MOM course is a two-day class designed for experienced MOM users who want to expand their use of MOM to the extent of its functionality...people who really want to get their feet wet in the guts of MOM, so to speak. We approach MOM from both a user perspective and from a data perspective (e.g., what happens in the tables when you return a composite itemThe extent to which we address the specifics of MOM 4.0 will depend on the needs of the individual students in the class. Please see below for a sample curriculum.

Advanced MOM-R&R Report Writer: $1200/first person, $600/each additional participant from the same company

This class, which usually takes three days in a large group setting, can be accomplished in two days in individualized training. The course begins with a highly compressed version of the Advanced MOM class, with special emphasis on the structural aspects of the major MOM tables and their relationships to each other. The rest of the course demonstrates how to construct custom MOM reports using R&R Report Writer. Each R&R participant receives a take-home disk of 15 structural templates that contain the basics of many different types of MOM reports with the complex relationships pre-defined so that participants can use these templates as they create future reports. (Those not taking the training can purchase these templates for $50 from our online store.) Please see below for a sample curriculum.

What to expect

      Classes In the past, classes have been held at Element K's Education Center, in Henrietta, NY, right next to the city of Rochester. (And if the demand justifies it, we will do this again.) Now, they are held in our home office. Shortly after the class,  we will send you a certificate attesting to your participation.

Is this course jam-packed with information? You bet! Will you be really tired at the end of each day? No question. We can promise, however, that not only will you feel you've gotten your money's worth, but we'll do our best to violate, repeatedly, the "No Fun" oath taken by all members of the Software Trainers Secret Society.

What are they saying?

"I came away from the class knowing more about M.O.M., its databases, and R&R Report Writer than I had imagined. I believe that what I learned kept this company from leaving M.O.M. in search of other software."  Wayne Stephenson, Comfort Trac

"You conducted the most informative and, I might add, entertaining seminar I have ever attended...Keep me posted on future seminars!"  Enar Henning Friberg, Lane Labs

"I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to go through another class with the same fluidity and excitement. It is nice to see a class being taught by people who appear to enjoy what they are teaching."  Ronald Richards, Courier Corp.

"You ladies have an excellent grasp of the material and understanding of the MOM program. You do a great job and are a great service to MOM users!"  Brad Kalka, Originals Casual Wear

Advanced MOM Curriculum

  • Advanced marketing (incl. List Management)
  • Importing lists of customers, plus NCOA
  • Advanced accounting functions
  • Import - Export Module
  • Subscription Management Module
  • Demographics in List Management
  • The ins and outs of MOM reports
  • File maintenance
  • DBUWIN: Understanding the MOM tables
  • Answers to your most burning MOM questions
  • Intro to MOM 4.0

Advanced MOM-R&R Curriculum

  • The Advanced MOM curriculum plus...
  • R&R basics / One-table reports
  • MOM relationships and multi-table reports
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Simple and conditional totals: running/pre-processed
  • Calculated fields
  • Basic queries
  • Special calculations every MOM user should know
  • R&R export engines (RRS files)
  • Export report programs

Please email or call for more details.


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