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Custom Program:
Create POs in Excel for easy import into MOM

Cost: $475

Have you ever wanted to create your MOM purchase orders in Excel, and then upload them to MOM? It can be a lot easier to conceptualize and place orders to vendors this way, especially if you're working with a reorder spreadsheet as an export from an analysis report. Apparel and shoe providers have this problem all the time...they're dealing with so many variations that it can be much easier to work in a spreadsheet to determine your ordering needs...but then they have to retype the information in MOM in order for MOM to be able to receive the merchandise. Well, no more!

Purchase Order Creator program for MOM

To import a purchase order spreadsheet into MOM, all you need to do is create it with the following configuration:

  • Supplier's description

  • Quantity to purchase

  • MOM stock number

  • Unit price at which to purchase item

  • Equivalent Units (usually 1)

  • Stock buying level to use (also usually 1)

  • Supplier code

Then, simply run this program, identify the spreadsheet you're going to use, identify the location of your MOM files, and process! Then just go into MOM and go to Product/Purchase Orders/Create Purchase orders. The purchase orders will be created; if you like, you can print them out to send to your supplier, or if you have already communicated with the supplier, simply check the "printed" button in each PO -- and you're done!

How do you make the Excel spreadsheet? Of course, if you like, you can do it manually -- but there are more efficient ways of getting the information into Excel. One way is to go to Reports/Listings/Stock/Supplier information and export that report to Excel, switching some of the columns around and deleting others until it is in the format you need for this program. But the most efficient way to go about this is to create a report in R&R report writer that actually analyzes your sales, looks at your current stock values, and calculates (based on your own logic) how many of which products to order. Simply export that information in a worksheet, in the format provided above, and you've got a great tool for examining your own needs and easily creating your purchase orders.

(We have a couple of R&R Reports that analyze sales and make recommendations for new purchases based on current stock levels, which would be easily to modify into this us at


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