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Update MOM with Tracking Numbers and Shipping Information

Cost: $525

Do you use an external shipping program that does not have an internal link to MOM? This means either that you're inputting your package tracking numbers by hand or that you're not entering them into MOM at all, so your customer service representatives are missing important data that they could be telling your customers.

Axton Enterprises has created a program that will permit you to update your BOX.DBF table in MOM with the tracking number, ship date, box weight, actual cost, and whatever else you can export from your shipping program as a "comma-delimited" or "tab-delimited" text file. This text file MUST contain the unique package ID that MOM generates per should have been generated in whatever export file you used to import from MOM into your shipping package.

Update MOM with Tracking Information

The program works first by asking you to identify the locations of where your new text file is, and also the MOM tables. A special setup screen lets you map each of the fields in your export to its corresponding field in the MOM table, so long as the first field is your matching Package ID field. Then just pressing a button updates your MOM tables, live!


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