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Axton Enterprises provides technology consulting to the mail order industry, specializing in small to medium-sized mail order businesses.

(If you're interested in our Learn R&R Report Writer course on CD-ROM, please click here to go directly to that page.)

Since 1994, our specialty has been helping clients make the most out of their Mail Order Manager (MOM) software. We offer:

Somewhat older but no less valuable: In 2002, Axton Enterprises published its second guide to the 4.x MOM data tables: The Profound, Penetrating, and Powerful Book of MOM Data! Click here for detailed information about this comprehensive data dictionary. (What about a MOM data book for version 5.x? Well, demand has not been sufficient for us to do a new book. However, because Dydacomp did not change the core tables which handle most of the major processing in MOM -- they added some new fields and tables that handle new peripheral functions -- the 4.x book suffices for almost all reporting and programming needs. The PDF file of the book (about 120 pages) is available for $100.

Frequently Asked Question: Are we certified through Dydacomp to provide MOM training? Not any longer. Read our "about us" page to see our business philosophy and find out why.

Another Frequently Asked Question: Are you still focused exclusively on MOM? The answer is no...having worked with MOM for the past 15 years, that's still our specialty, and in fact a great deal of our time is spent writing MOM R&R reports and MOM add-on programs. But for the past few years, we have also been working with the producers of several other packages for this industry. Are you looking for a small step up from MOM? A big step up from MOM? A lateral move that would be able to be programmed specifically to your needs? We can help point you in the right direction. Please email us with your inquiry, and we'll contact you for a conversation.

Since 1994, we at Axton Enterprises have helped hundreds of small and medium-sized mail-order businesses make the most of their MOM software. We are unapologetic capitalists who love to help you use advanced technology to create wealth for yourselves and your customers. The success of our clients means a great deal to us personally; please click here to read more about our business philosophy and who we are.


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